Family-owned Mexican specialty store opens new location

RICHLAND, WA - This family owned Mexican grocery store is no stranger to the Tri-Cities and now they are adding another location in Richland.

Owners of Carniceria La Cabaña #3 said their customers come from all over the Pacific Northwest, because of their meat products. Their meat is imported from Latin America, so they say you cannot find meat like their in other grocery store.

"Everywhere that we've been customers will be like, 'when are you coming to Richland? When are coming to Richland? Even West Richland?' And, that's currently next on the list. That is going to be the next store, West Richland. So yeah, wherever the customers request us we go. We cater to our customers, whatever their need, we do it," Joel Hernandez, with Carniceria La Cabaña #3, said.

They sell things like handmade tortillas, Mexican chips and piñatas.

"Items that you wouldn't really find anywhere else outside a Mexican store, authentic imported Hispanic items from South America, from Mexico. We carry quite a variety of everything," Hernandez said.

He said they are most known for their carne asada.

"I've got all kinds. We've got beef, pork, chicken. We do ribs. We do whole roast, whole beef roast, full pork roast," Hernandez said.

He said their most popular request at every location they have is their carne para tacos de pastor or pork taco meat. Their shoulder clod and chuck roll are also popular.

"Those three are your moneymaker. That's what pulls people in. They are the things that you pull on your grill. That is what you cook when you say carne asada those are the three things you think of," Hernandez said.

They also sell organic chicken.

"A lot of our customers look for those types of items. They don't really like gmos. We have available as well," Hernandez said.

On the other side of their store, they sell fresh produce. He said they cater towards Hispanic, Asian and American markets.

"Honestly, it is great like the reaction we've had is fantastic. People are super happy with the store. We are happy to see that. More than anything we are here to cater towards our customers. So, when they're happy, we're happy," Hernandez said.

Joel said they hope to have their hot food and ready in a couple of weeks which will include things like tamales, tacos and quesadillas.

They are located at 1305 Jadwin Ave in Richland. They are open every day from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.