Pro Motion

Ty Mains, physical therapist aide and fitness trainer, worked with her client. 

YAKIMA, WA - High levels of stress during a workout can increase muscle tension all while reducing your focus, which leads to a higher chance of injuries.

"If you're always fatigued or feel excessively fatigued, it's going to reduce the quality of that workout," Pro-Motion Physical Therapy owner, Michael Kane.

Feeling stressed can act as a major de-motivator to exercise and hinder recovery.

Kane said people can look at stress one of two ways; a way to motivate yourself to push harder or fall farther from the fitness journey you started.

Pro-Motion Physical Therapy also provides behavioral therapy for stress-related injuries.

"You're going to respond a lot better if I'm listening to you, empathizing with you, I get it, about the stressors that you're facing," said Kane.

Kane said he suggests breath-work exercises before engaging in any high-intensity workouts and risking injuries.

80 percent of people don't seek help when needed until it's too late, causing even more damage to the body said, Kane.

People have been coming in with more stress than ever before said physical therapy aide and fitness trainer, Ty Mains.

Mains said more people are asking for her yoga and tai chi classes to come back.

"Even though they're stressed, they want an outlet for that stress," said Mains.