YAKIMA, WA - The Yoga Collective of Yakima provides body and mind strength with free yoga practices for anyone. Starting March 1st, they will offer in-person classes but will still have classes available online

"We have a variance of ages, a variance of body types, and our teachers would love to see you come in the door and are ready to work with you, if you can breathe and have consciousness, you can do yoga," said the Yoga Collective director and teacher, Marsha Threlkeld. 

Since the pandemic, the most requested practice is restorative or relaxation yoga said Threlkeld. She said one yoga philosophy is presence, which allows people to fully relax and relieve stress. 

The Yoga Collective eliminates any financial or language barriers. Sharon Reyna, a bilingual volunteer teacher, said they want to make sure everyone can participate. 

"I think that's important and that's something that I don't know if any other organizations are offering, at least not in Yakima so that's what makes us different and special," said Reyna.

Although all classes are free, donations are welcomed. Threlkeld said she is blown away by how many people still donated despite the pandemic and online classes.