Flag Day is June 14th. Here's what it means.

RICHLAND, WA - June 14th is National Flag Day. 

Over 200 years ago, our country's first American flag was introduced by Congress as the official flag.

The flag means a lot of different people.

"This is a symbol of who we are, for you, me. I mean my very coffin would be draped with this flag one day. I've had multiple friends, family members, when they passed on this flag was draped over their coffin," Kyle Saltz with Veterans of Foreign Wars of Richland said.

He said the flag is a physical representation of what it means to be an American.

"So, if you ask me personally, what this flag means to me. This symbolizes who we are. This symbolizes hope. Hope not only for me but for my family and to the greatness of this nation," Saltz said.

His wife immigrated to the United States.

"And, she looks at this flag and she is like. I am so thankful to be an American. I am so thankful to live in your culture. And, I think a lot of your people do not realize, they do not realize the freedom that they have and the uniqueness of what this nation is," he said.

But what does the flag mean in history? Well, its color and shapes have different meanings. The stripes represent the original colonies that formed the nation. The stars represent the individual states.

"But I would also argue they represent you, individuals, united together, with common purpose and cause," Saltz said.

The blue represents liberty, the white represents purity and the red represents the bloodshed from its patrons across countless battlefields foreign and domestic.

"There are people that try to perverse and distort what this flag actually represents in this nation. And, it is our duty, especially with the VFW, it is our duty to teach for those who do not know, they must be taught," he said.