Hispanic Heritage Month: Owners of Jocho's Tacos aims to share their culture through their restaurant

PASCO, WA - From September 15 to October 15, we are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. A month that recognizes the contributions and influences of Hispanics in the United States.

Jocho's Tacos is a Pasco Mexican restaurant that's been around for years.

Originally from Mexico City, Jorge and Nelly Sanchez came to the Tri-Cities to start a new life. With Nelly's food industry experience, the couple decided to open a Mexican restaurant.

"T hat's probably why I married her, because she knows how to cook," Jorge said.

She's been cooking since a young age.

"She started cooking when she was little. She was thirteen-years-old. She was already cooking for the whole family, because her mom and dad had to go to work. She had to take care of her younger brothers and sisters. So, she was a really young woman cooking for her younger brothers and sisters," Jorge said.

The couple wanted to bring real, authentic Mexican street food to the Tri-Cities.

"Like if you are just walking around Mexico City, you will find that kind of food there. It's hard to find that here," Jorge said. "That's why we wanted to bring here, the street Mexican food."

They offer nineteen different tortas and they have named each one.

"One we call it the Texana, the other Napolitana, the chiptolocruda. The chiptolocruda is a funny name. It is made with chiptole sauce. It is funny to me to hear, when an American or some other people and say, 'hey, can I get a chiptolocruda?' It is funny to hear my inventions be asked for," Jorge said.

He said his most popular dish, alambre represents Mexico City the best.

"Because I grew up in Mexico City. Every time I was with my family or friends and we want to go to a taco place, a taqueria. I remember always asking for an alambre because it was my favorite. They have it everywhere. You can find it in every taqueria in Mexico City. That's what I wanted to bring here. I wanted to eat alambre the way I used to eat them when I was growing up in Mexico City," Jorge said.

They said they are proud to be Latinos. George said it feels good being able to provide jobs for other Hispanics in the Tri-Cities.

"And we like to do that. We don't only work for us, but we work for the rest of the team helping a lot of families," Jorge said.

He said there are about ten families who depend on their business right now.

"And that feels good, helping a lot of families," Jorge said.

Even through the pandemic, they are thankful they are doing good. If all goes according to plan, they hope to open a third location next year.

If you would like to try Jocho's Tacos, you can find their information on their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/pg/Jochos-tacos-restaurant-257376241645167/. They provide sidewalk seating and are following COVID-19 guidelines.

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