Yakima Air Terminal made the process from check-in to take off essentially touchless as people can access boarding passes online and pay by phone. 

Since the pandemic, Yakima Air Terminal saw more than half of their ridership decrease but saw a large traveler turnout from Thanksgiving. 

With the state restrictions extended, the terminal fear the number of travelers won't be as high as they expect during Christmas and the New Year said Yakima Air Terminal, Airport Director, Rob Peterson. 

"Industry experts are forecasting pre pandemic levels of transportation will resume until 2023, 24, but's that's all dependent on, obviously, a variety of different factors in the community as well as the destination you're trying to go to," said Peterson. 

Peterson said he is hopeful the vaccination can be distributed fast so his travelers can get back to some form of normalcy. 

"That allows them to return to some form of normalcy as far as traveling and it's safe to go visit that family in Chicago or Florida or Texas, that you're going to and you be able to resume those, those activities and those long awaited vacations as you work so hard for," said Peterson. 

T.S.A at Yakima Air Terminal allows people to bring hand sanitizer bottles/containers larger than the 3 oz. liquid limit. 

Schedule extra wait time with social distancing and longer screening protocols. T.S.A must inspect all wrapped packages before letting you board.  

Peterson said without their two casino destination airlines, they had to decrease some airport operations such as rental car services. 

Alaska Airlines still try to reserve the middle seat when applicable but other airlines may not. Peterson said it's important for fliers to contact their airline before arriving at the airport.