YAKIMA, WA - The colder weather makes it hard to resist cranking up the heat, but lowering the thermostat when sleeping or not at home can save people up to 10 percent on their next electric bill. 

For electric heated homes, thermostats should be set to only 68 degrees in the winter. The closer the indoor temperature is to the outdoor temperature, the easier, and cheaper it is to heat a home. 

"The idea is to really, you know, protect the envelope of your can cut windows still, you can do those kind of plastic coverings around windows, especially if you know you have any leaky, leaky ones," said Pacific Power Spokesperson, Tom Gauntt.

When it comes to saving money, it's all about keeping the cold air out and the warm air in with proper insulation said Gauntt.

Newer technology makes it easier for energy companies to supply electricity, which helps the company and it's customers both save money. 

"That's the savings that the efficiency, makes it so that we can serve more people and more businesses," said Gauntt. 

Pacific Power will not disconnect power or charge late fees during the pandemic said Gaunntt. He said he hopes they can take some pressure off their customers' shoulders during this hard time. 


- Change your light bulbs to energy efficient LEDs

- Close window curtains at night to keep warm air in

- Unplug all outlets not in use, phone chargers/printers

- Wash clothes in cold water

- Do not pre-rinse dishes before the dishwasher

- Reduce hot water temperature by 10 degrees

- Only preheat oven 10 minutes before use