Cruisin' Coffee Drive thru

A local drive-through coffee stand has seen an increase in sales since COVID-19 restrictions on indoor dining. 

"If they can’t go to a restaurant, they get kind of stir crazy and say at least we can go get something out of Cruisin’ and take it with us," said owner of two Cruisin' Coffee shops in Yakima, Jim Seamons. 

Cruisin' Coffee has seen an increase in sales since the first COVID-19 lockdown. Jim said he expects the same outcome from the current lockdown. 

"I’d hate to say it’s a silver lining because I think it’s terrible, these lockdowns financially are just killing people off.. But it isn’t hurting us any," said Seamons.

Cruisin' Coffee has never had indoor seating so they ran the same since the beginning of the pandemic said Seamons. 

There's 15 Cruisin' Coffee drive-throughs in Washington with two locations in Yakima. 

Cruisin' Coffee has a drink of the month special. November's drink of the month is any pumpkin spice drink.