Inside the world-famous Pendleton Underground Tours

PENDLETON, OR - May 3rd is National Paranormal Day. A day dedicated to occurrences that cannot quite be explained by scientific measures.

Fore more than three decades, the Pendleton Underground Tours have attracted hundreds of people from around the world and become East Oregon's number one year round attraction.

The Pendleton Underground Tour takes you through the history of Pendleton, and it has many people feeling a little ghostly.

"After hearing Hop Sing, I cannot explain that even a little bit. So, I am more of a believer now then I was before that. I think there are spirits living among us," Matthew Ramirez, a tour guide for PUT said.

Many Chinese settled down in Pendleton and found manual labor around town. One man, Hop Sing, who opened a laundry and bathhouse down the basement of a building.

"They did a hunted tour one time. In Hop Sing's bathroom and laundry. We record on your phone. You ask a question and, you pause and let the spirits respond, and then you ask another question. So, we recorded it and said 'Hi, Hop Sing we are, blah blah group, and we let it pause for a second, ask another question and when we played it back. The voice said, 'Hi, I am Hop Sing,'" he said.

Ramirez guides guests through tunnels to see things like the Chinese jails.

"People are the end of the tour are usually surprised, just the amount of history that there is and the fact that there is basically another town underneath Pendleton that was running at that time," he said.

Everyone takes something away from the tour, but he said many people seem to remember the underground bar they have.

"The fact that a lot of that is original as far as the structure of it. So, you actually get to see what it looked like in a way back then," he said.

Whether you believe in paranormal or not, Matthew encourages you to come out, take a tour and learn more.

Each tour is about an hour. He said you can learn about the history of the Chinese in Eastern Oregon and their role in building the West.

Their office is at 31 S.W. Emigrant Ave in Pendleton, Oregon. They are open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.