KENNEWICK- i3 Global is being sued for almost 450,000 dollars by Integrated Global Staffing. 

The lawsuit was filed on Friday. Integrated Global Staffing is accusing i3 Global, their president Kristopher Lapp and "Jane and John Doe Board of Directors 1-10."

i3 Global

Integrated Global Staffing is a small company that helps staff i3 Global. i3 Global is a subcontractor for Mission Support Alliance, a Hanford contractor.  

Court documents show that Lapp and the company got $446,617.98 in federal funding. The defendants are accused of using that money for their own benefit. 

i3 Global is accused of having "Fraudulently spent, misappropriated, and/or diverted money received from I-3 Global's general contractor, MSA," reads court documents from Benton County.  

Lapp is a well known local businessman who was named the "Department of Energy's 2016 Small Business Awards Program Protege of the Year." This program was a partnership with MSA and MSA actually nominated Lapp for that award back in 2016. 

Lapp also owns part of Solar Spirits Distilling - that company is not named in the lawsuit. 

We reached out to Lapp and he has declined to comment. 

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