jean's cottage

YAKIMA, WA - Jean's Cottage Inn closed their doors due to an employee that tested positive for COVID-19, just days before their 75th-anniversary celebration.

"Just because our big anniversary was coming up," said Marks, "we just can't afford to make anyone sick."

It's important to let people know what's going on rather than hiding it said Marks.

Marks said they were doing everything right for over a year now, but it only took one person to close the entire restaurant.

With only nine total employees and an older customer crowd, Marks said closing was the right thing to do.

"Human life is more important than money," said Marks, "we're not going to risk the community, making a buck."

It's important for other business owners to talk to their staff about how important safety still is, so this doesn't happen to them said Marks.

In moving forward and keeping everyone safe, Marks said all of his employees are now getting tested for COVID-19.

Marks said he hopes they can reopen on Tuesday to start their celebration of 75 years in business. Jeans Cottage Inn will give away one free meal to one customer per day for 75 days.