YAKIMA, WA - The Little Free Pantry is a nationwide nonprofit aimed to fight  food insecurity by providing goods to communities in need. 

The Little Free Pantry in Yakima is located in front of the Wesley United Methodist Church (UMC) on 48th Ave. 

"It's a great way of connecting with the community," said Wesley UMC pantry steward, Amy Halvorson Miller.

Miller restocks the pantry with new items almost every day before work.

"This is just a very small way that I and the people at Wesley can make a difference for some people who might just need a little help with their grocery bill," said Miller. 

At the Little Free Pantry, people can take what they need and give what they can. 

The pantry allows people to drive by and take needed items discreetly. A lot of people who take items also donate said Miller. 

Miller said seeing people stop by makes all her hard work worth it.

Along with nutritious and high-protein shelf-save food, Miller said people need more toiletries like shampoo and toilet paper. 

One Yakima community member, Laurel Lefebvre, said she donates food and other items several times a week. 

"It feels good because every time I come, everything I put in there is gone, so I know it's stuff people can use," said Lefebvre. 

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