Local bakery donates money to fire victims

RICHLAND - Devastating fires have spread across the west coast from California to Washington, leaving behind devastation and eerie orange skies.

When owners of "Frost Me Sweet" saw the fires and devastation that are spreading across the west coast, they knew they wanted to help.

With efforts to help those who lost their homes or loved ones from the fire, they are selling cake cups.

"So, we thought donating our proceeds is a way to do that. Usually, we donate those to the local community, but this time there's lots of people in Washington that are needing help," co-owner of Frost Me Sweet, Meagan Savely said.

With some research, Meagan found that the American Red Cross is providing immediate assistance to those affected and displaced by the fires.

"We thought that would be the best place to donate the funds," Savely said.

Before "Frost Me Sweet" was created, her husband, Jason was a wildfire firefighter.

"So, I have a lot of empathy for people who are firefights, spouses and families and also for people who are losing everything right now. It's tough. It's tough to see, and we really wanted to do something to help," Savely said.

Through the end of the month, "Frost Me Sweet" will be donating all proceeds from their cake cups to the American Red Cross.

"They are filled with different layers and frostings," Savely said.

Each cake cup is worth $3.75. They offer around sixteen different flavors every day.

"They are very delicious. Some people can eat them in one seating, but most people have to eat them to two seating," Savely said.

If you would like to support those affected by the fire, you can purchase a cake up from "Frost Me Sweet" in Richland. You can also go to the American Red Cross to donate directly at redcross.org.

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