Local family's dream come true after opening a food truck

RICHLAND, WA - A dream has come true for a local family after opening a brand-new food truck in Richland.

The owners of Golden Taco Mexican Kitchen started this year off with all the energy to grow and get better.

"We hope everything goes back to normal, the entire country and world. So, we can go forward," the co-owner, Maria Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez had plans to start their business back in May. Due to things like the pandemic, they could not.

"First off, they closed everything in the beginning, and it was difficult to communicate with the Department of Health for the licensing," Rodriguez said. "And it was also difficult to find a good place to put the food truck."

The process was difficult, but it's been a dream come true.

"But thank god we started at the end of December, we are here with all the energy and right foot to start and bring the community our food," Rodriguez said.

Maria also wanted to get her daughter involved with the business, so she can learn, meet and begin to express herself as a entrepreneur. She hopes opening the new business, even through the pandemic shows her daughter that everything is possible.

"If you want to do it, you can do it," Rodriguez said. "A little but, by little."

For other families looking to start a business, Maria said her best advice is to start with a plan, fain support from family and friends and give yourself time for the paperwork.

"Everything is possible. Every dream is possible. Everything starts with effort," Rodriguez said. "Do it from the heart. In the kitchen, everyone cooks, but you have to do it with the heart. If you cook with your heart, you will get good food."

The Mexican food truck is located in Richland across from Goodwill near Fred Meyer on 272 Wellsian Way. For hours of operation and their menu, you can go to their Facebook page at facebook.com/FoodTruckGoldenTaco/.

Maria and her daughter invite the entire community to come and try their dishes. On your first visit, you will get a punch card. After nine visits, you will get nine dollars off your tenth meal.