New business owner sees success in opening during pandemic

PASCO, WA - Every one always dreams of being their own boss one day. One Pasco man made it happen even through a pandemic.

Since being introduced to the restaurant industry, the owner of a new Mexican restaurant "El Pollo Sabroso," said he always wanted  to move up.

"I started in the kitchen thinking one day, I will be able to. And look, we finally did it. Thanks to God," the owner, Valentin Lopez said.

Lopez said he gained ten years worth of experience in Seattle. Years later, he decided it was time to have a business of his own.

"We have been looking since March. That is when it all started, and we stopped due to the pandemic," Lopez said.

But he didn't give up. For people looking to get their foot in the door in the business industry, he hopes you don't either.

"Well, I hope you try for those who like it. One day, you will be able to do what you want to do," Lopez said. "Keep trying and keep going."

Not only do they sell chicken, they also sell food items like pozole, chicken soup and tacos. He said their most popular dish is their Chipotle salad.

"And we have so many dishes so that people can come," Lopez said. "We invite you to come here."

The new Mexican restaurant is located at 1623 W Lewis Street in Pasco. The menu and business hours are listed here.