New indoor marketplace coming soon in Pasco

PASCO, WA - If you like shopping at Pike Place Market in Seattle, you will soon get a similar experience in the Tri-Cities.

The first phase of the Osprey Pointe Development is the indoor marketplace. It's for businesses like small vendors, restaurants, bars, wine tasting and beer tasting.

"It is a healthy, walking environment, you know, live, play, work, type of environment. We are trying to give besides just the marketplace, a place for people to go hang out, kind of enjoy life and not stress about driving someplace else," James Sexton, the development owner of JMS Construction.

In the marketplace, they will have areas for small 8x8 tables for vendors on top of their bigger spaces. There will be enough room for about 120 different.

"We have a feeling that some of the spaces are probably too big for most people. So, we will be splitting some of those in half, and it can be up to 150 spaces," Sexton said.

Those areas are considered year round spots. The marketplace will also have spaces just for weekend rentals. Sexton said he wants to give local businesses who were affected by the pandemic another opportunity to rent a space for a low cost.

"We are just trying to give that small business that leg up, that new start because of COVID, you know that's kind of killed everybody," Sexton said.

He said the overall plan for the marketplace is surrounded around being local.

"You have to live local, you have to work local. So, in the marketplace, we are not allowing the large box stores or the chains stuff to come in. You have to be a local owner a local business owner," Sexton said.

The project is not city funded and when all phases are complete, the place will be like a community.

"You can actually have a job in one place and live in another place and walk to work or ride your bike," Sexton said.

They also plan to add things like residential houses, a hotel, stages for live bands and splash parks, hoping to bring more culture to the Tri-Cities.

Sexton said they hope to have the marketplace open by next Spring. He said he wants to see what vendors need out of the building. So, they are holding a public meeting on April 8th for vendors to do just that. To join the meeting or to learn more information about the project, you can click here.