New evidence surfaces about the disappearance of Sofia Juarez, did you see a van?

KENNEWICK, WA - New information surfaces about the disappearance on the 4-year-old Sofia from a Kennewick street over 18 years ago. 

The City of Kennewick Police Department (KDP) announced Tuesday that a "credible witness" saw a young girl matching Sofia's description. Below is the statement from KPD: 

"Through investigation, a highly credible witness was identified. The witness observed a female matching Sofia’s description walking along the sidewalk on S. Washington Street near E. 15th Avenue. The observation corresponds to the approximate time that Sofia would have arrived on foot in that area. A person approached the young female and led her away as she cried. Our investigators have a detailed description of that person, but are withholding it at this time for investigative purposes.

"An occupied van was also observed stopped on a nearby side street. It is described as a light blue or silver (or gray), older 1970’s to early 1980’s full-sized panel van with no side windows. It had the appearance of being a work-type van, the type that contractors or painters may use. This is not to imply that it would have been a contractor or painter’s van."

The Kennewick Police Department is asking anybody who has any information on a van mentioned in the description seen in the area of S. Washington Street near E. 15th Avenue between 8:00 pm and 9:15 pm on February 4, 2003 to contact police. They are also seeking information from the public on anybody who may have operated a similar type van and either lived nearby, would have passed through the area at that time, or driven by as part of their regular route or routine.

Kennewick Police are continuing to investigate the TikTok video.

If you have any information that could help bring Sofia home, please go to the website at and leave a tip or contact our special investigator, Al Wehner at 509-582-1331 or