New locally owned coffee shop opens in Kennewick

KENNEWICK, WA - A popular coffee house chain based in Oregon is now in the Tri-Cities.

January 13 marked the opening of The Human Bean Tri-Cities in Kennewick. The family-owned business is a drive-thru coffee stand.

"I was never a coffee drinker before we open it. Now, I come here every single day and drink multiple cups of coffee," the owners' daughter, Kambree Gadish said.

Gadish worked in coffee shops for about five years.

"I've always told my parents that it is just the best business. It is so much fun. The customer base is the best of all time. My favorite job ever. I never want to quit," Gadish said.

She said when her family traveling to Idaho, they always try The Human Bean.

"And we are obsessed with it. So then they were like, 'Wait, I remember a coffee shop, and they did more research, looked into it. We love the brand and love what it stands for," Gadish said.

She said they were looking into the business to see where and how to start one.

"What's a better place to start it than our home in the Tri-Cities," Gadish said.

The Human Bean Tri-Cities offer drinks like coffee, espresso and teas. They are located on West Clearwater Ave. near Winco in Kennewick. They are open from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. almost every day.