MAK Daddy Coffee Roasters

Governor Inslee implemented new COVID-19 restrictions to shut down all indoor services effective tonight at midnight, that includes your local restaurants, coffee shops and gyms. 

A local business, MAK Daddy Coffee Roasters, thanked its loyal customers that kept them afloat during the first shutdown, they just hope to be saved again this time around said MAK Daddy Coffee Roasters owner, Mark Shervey. 

"We know what lines ahead which means we’re going to be struggling, it’s going to be hard to go through this again and frankly I fear some businesses won’t be making it through," said Shervey. 

The second-wave of restrictions caused fear of uncertainty to when they can open back up said Shervey. 

"Who knows how long this is going to last, we were told a month last time, I think it’s going to be longer than a month this time as well," said Shervey. 

He laid off three employees already, including some single moms, which has been the hardest part about this said Shervey. He said he hopes the sales go up again to bring those workers back as soon as possible. 

MAK Daddy Coffee Roasters is open for take-out and curbside pickup. 

A local gym, Barre3, opened their business when the pandemic first started. They prepared for another shutdown since the beginning said Barre3 co-owner, Erin Lantz. 

"We’ve been preparing by live-streaming throughout, and just kind of making back pocket plans for this, if this were to happen so we feel as ready as we can be and feel fortunate that people want to be with us virtually," said Lantz. 

Barre3 hasn't laid off anyone yet and as long as their live stream stays active, they don't have to said Lantz. 

Barre3 offers memberships with live stream and recording services for workouts.