din din

The Union Gospel Mission in Yakima staff expects to serve 300 Thanksgiving meals today at 2 p.m. despite the lack of volunteers this year. They are down more than 20 volunteers and realized more drop outs since the second wave of restrictions. 

They have seen a greater need for food since the pandemic and even more people reaching out for help said Yakima Union Gospel Vice President of Community Engagement, Mary Broussard.

"With fewer volunteers means everyone puts in extra work, we've had to get creative and they've done a beautiful job of thinking outside of the box and helping getting these meals to hungry people," said Broussard. 

Broussard said she's just thankful for their community partners for helping them still make today happen. 

People can get turkey, green bean casserole, stuffing, brownies, and pumpkin pie said Yakima Union Gospel Mission Kitchen Manager, Teresa Kask.

Kask said she felt overwhelmed when cooking 30 turkeys without her usual full team of volunteers. She said she just hopes the ones that signed up today still show up. 

"I had to give it to God, and just rely on him and just make sure that as I'm doing this, it's for him, and that he is glorified and honored in all of it because I don't want, I don't want them to just get food, I want them to feel like and the love in it," said Kask.

Kask said she still wants to make today as special as she can and give people a feast they won't forget.