Owners of Walla Walla Indian Cuisine bring new restaurant to Kennewick

KENNEWICK, WA - A popular restaurant in Walla Walla has been able to thrive during the pandemic. They are doing so well they have decided to bring their business to the Tri-Cities.

The new location opens on September 19 on Gage Boulevard, near Columbia Square in Kennewick. Walla Walla Indian Cuisine's newest restaurant is called Maharaja Taste of India.

"When we asked the question what is the purpose for coming to visit Walla Walla. They answer, just to eat at your restaurant. This makes us really encourage," Paul Singh with the management team said. "Someone drives sixty, seventy miles from the Tri-Cities to eat in our restaurant."

The Indian cuisine is traveling to its Tri-Citians.

For many years, Singh said Indian spices have formed the backbone of Indian cooking. With that in mind, he said they plan to sell nearly a hundred items in their buffet.

"Our concern is not just to fill your stomach. We are giving you a great place, nice venue," Singh said. "If someone comes with family, he has to feel really good over here."

Singh said COVID has changed how their restaurant operates.

"Just right now, in Tri-Cities, they are opening 25% dining. So, we must follow the rules and regulations, because we care about our customer safety and their health," Singh said.

He said people's temperatures will be checked when they walk in.

The new Indian restaurant will be open on September 19 for take out, dine in and patio seating while following social distancing guidelines. To look at their menu, you can go to their website at maharajatasteofindia.com.

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