RICHLAND, WA - Local doctors are treating an increase of babies suffering from drug withdrawal.

There are only a few Parent-Child Assistance Programs in Washington state and there's one in our community in Richland.

It's a three-year case management program that wants to help families become drug and alcohol-free to prevent drug and alcohol-exposed birth.

They work with moms at home including in-home visits, community outreach, and connecting them with service.

Some examples of services they can connect clients to are legal aid, driver's license help, housing assistance, healthcare, dental care, WIC, mental health treatment and substance abuse treatment.

With enrollment criteria changing recently, they have been able to include more mothers with medical assistance treatments: prescribed methadone, suboxone, or Subutex.

To be in the program you need to be a women who is currently pregnant or up to 24 months postpartum.

Someone who used alcohol or drugs during pregnancy or someone who have not been able to connect to community services.

You also must be a Benton-Franklin county resident and must be eighteen years or older.

"When you are enrolled in the three years unless you come to us and say we don't want to be part of the program and we want to unroll, we are with you in those three years, regardless of your status, regardless up and downs. Whatever path you are on, we are right there beside you," Amanda Bracamonte, the clinical supervisor with Parent-Child Assistance Program, said.

There is no cost for you because it is funded through the Healthcare Authority.

They are located at 660 George Washington Way in Richland.

If you would like to provide information over the phone, you can contact their office at 509-578-1501 or Amanda to provide client information.

PCAP Supervisor Phone: 509-713-6072

PCAP Supervisor Email: