Pasco firefighter wants to curve divorce rates for first responders

PASCO, WA - Work can be stressful and can sometime have a negative impact on marriage. One line of work in particular has a higher divorce rate when compared the the average in Washington state.

First responders put their lives on the line every day they go to work.

According to statistics, they also put their marriage on the line. Studies show the divorce rate for law enforcement personnel is around 75 percent. That's higher than Washington state's average of 45 percent.

Pasco Fire Department's firefighter Micheal Hudo wants to help.

"It's an amazing job, we love helping people," Hudo said. "But it comes with challenges, with what we see and sleep deprivation at times and dealing without a home front. So learning to work through that is a process. We are trying to help other couples navigate their way through a healthy marriage."

Hudo has been fighting fires for the past 21 years and he's been married for 18 years. He said learning to communicate, process emotions and knowing how to separate the two, has helped him balance work and home life.

"When you are at the fire department, you are serving your community, and you are battling for others," he said. "When you go home, you try to make sure that it stays healthy and separate." 

Hudo encourages all fire departments, first responders, and police officers to attend the "Challenges of First Responder Marriage" class. The class is $20 per person. It will be held at Columbia Basin College's Gjerde Center on March 7, 2020.

Retired Seattle fireman, Mike Gaglinao, and his wife will lead the class. The class will start at 7 p.m. To register, chick here. If you want more information, you can reach out to Hudo at (253) 228-8182.

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