Pasco woman launches pop-up picnic business

PASCO, WA - A new business that was inspired by TikTok is now in the Tri-Cities.

Picnic Deluxe creates "luxury, pop-up picnic" experiences for different events from date nights to birthday parties. The local business offers picnic packages, which can include wine, candles and cheese boards.

Alejandra Rodriguez was inspired by TikTok to start her own business.

"I was obsessed with it, I was like, 'oh my gosh, this is cute.' This is something that the Tri-Cities needs. It's intimate, something fun. It's not something that has been around here. So, I wanted to bring it to Tri-Cities and just to see how it goes," Rodriguez said.

Picnic Deluxe is basically a picnic in a box where they bring it to you.

"We set up and clean up. We offer different themes. We have neutrals and pink and neutrals right now. It comes with pillows and blankets," Rodriguez said.

They have add-ons, and you can choose from giant Jenga, UNO rentals and sip n' paint. They also offer a teepee tent. Rodriguez said there is also no age limit to rent out the equipment.

"So, they can be young and in high school  that they want to do something fun. We can do retirement parties, intimate weddings, birthdays, date nights, girls night, surprise your boyfriend, your husband, really anything," Rodriguez said.

Picnic Deluxe is partnering with On the Board and Salt & Light Digital Studio.

"So, if you want to do like a proposal or like a romantic gesture, you can get a big sign and say, 'Will You Marry Me or Happy Birthday, Kim, Martha,' whatever you want to do," Rodriguez said.

She said she also went out of the way to support other local small business.

"I mean you are supporting businesses, you are supporting women that work from home or trying to survive, especially with COVID. So, I just felt like that is important to reach out too," Rodriguez said.

The basic picnic package starts at $140 for 2 to 4 people.

For more information about Picnic Deluxe, you can head to their Instagram by clicking here or call Alejandra at (509)531-6818.