Remembering loved ones lost to COVID-19  for "Day of the Dead"

PASCO, WA - The Pasco Farmers Market is hosting a meaningful event on October 31st to celebrate "Day of the Dead."

"Dia de los Muertos" or "Day of the Dead" as it's known in the United States will be celebrated on October 31st at the Pasco Farmers Market. It is a tradition honoring, remembering and celebrating loved ones that have passed away.

The "Day of the Dead" is a celebration of our loved ones. There is this belief that they are still among us.

"Well, they are with us all the time, but this specific three days. It is usually October 31st, November 1st and November 3rd. On those three days, that is when we get connected or there is a window that we get connected to our love ones we have lost," Gustavo Gomez with Downtown Pasco Development Authority said.

Depending on the family and traditions, some families eat at the cemetery.

"You go to the cemetery. You make the place look really pretty. You clean where your love ones are resting. There you can even play music, songs or you can bring food, especially the food that they loved when they were alive. It is believed that they will come and taste the food," Gustavo said.

Some families even build shrines at home, which are called alters. They bring everything that person loved and pictures of that person.

"We invite them to be part of our home on those days," Gustavo said. "It is like a get together with them even though they are not around."

They cook their favorite meal, have their favorite snacks, anything they liked or loved when they were alive. Gustavo said it is like Thanksgiving, but sharing it with people who already passed away and family that is alive.

"I think that is the way I can describe it. It is a beautiful tradition. I hope it will never die, because it is something that keeps us strong together," Gustavo said. "It shows you the values and the history of your family roots. That is how you know about your great grandpa, grandma. People you have never met in your life, but other people can talk about things and their experience with them."

It is about remembering. Usually, in a good tone.

"Always happy and smiley and laughing. We make jokes with people, like how they were in life and stuff and how we are so much like them sometimes," Gustavo said. "Like my mom used to say, 'Oh, you are like Maxine."

In honor of "Dia de los Muertos," organizers are asking you to bring a picture of your loved one, especially if they died because of COVID-19. They will place their photos at the alter at the Pasco Farmers Market. The pictures will be displayed there on October 31st.