Ben Ballard

Betty and Ben Ballard, married 60 years, visit each other through the Chatterbox.

YAKIMA, WA - Nursing and assistant living residents at the Living Care Retirement Community are allowed visitations only through the 'Chatterbox.' Residents can see their visitors through clear-glass windows and talk with them via phone. 

"It's the only thing we can do, we don't have any other choice, I mean, so thank God that we have it," said a resident's family member, Julie Beaver. 

Beaver said she is thankful to be able to see her dad but her parents have gone months without seeing each other.

"My mom's had a lot of emotion over it, she's kind of had to go through a grieving process over it, as though she lost him, and that's wrong, and I know he's gone through that a lot himself," said Beaver. 

Beaver said she has seen both of her parents' health worsen but all they can do is pray and hope they can hug him soon.

It's not ideal, but the Chatterbox helps families still connect without risking the health and safety of our residents said the Director of Resident Services, Eva Lounsbury.