End Hunger

Instead of food-filled bags this year, Safeway and Albertsons raised money to help give people grocery cards. People can donate five, ten, or 12 dollars at their local Safeway or Albertsons. NBC Right Now hosts a telethon, to donate call 509-443-1111 tomorrow between 7 and 9 a.m. 

The number of people with food insecurities have doubled this year and cashiers have seen the difference said Safeway Inc. & Albertsons LLC., Director of External Affairs, Sara Osborne. 

"You can tell when somebody’s stressed about their finances at the check stand. And a lot of our checkers know their customers really well, that some of our customers this is a new situation for them, and [checkers] are glad to provide some type of relief," said Osborne. 

All proceeds go to local hunger relief agencies that determine how many grocery cards individuals or households may receive. Each card has 50 dollars.

Grocery cards act as gift cards so people can buy food at their local participating grocery store. These cards allow people to buy food suited for their dietary needs and buy fresh food that aren't always available at food banks. 

The central Washington area raised almost 350 thousand dollars already, which meets 95 percent of the goal. Washington state has a total of almost 4 million dollars raised. 

Osborne said she thinks the central Washington area will double the amount, which will help people past December.