Tri-Cities Animal Shelter see pandemic adoption boom

PASCO, WA - With the holidays coming up, people are looking to add a furry friend to their family. Animal shelters have been seeing a high interest in pet adoptions this year since the summer.

The coronavirus has a lot to do with it. Even though stray dog adoptions went down, kitten adoptions are going up. The director at the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter said they probably have about twelve dogs in the shelter, right now, ready to be adopted.

"Kittens are also going very fast for adoption," Deb Sporcich with the animal shelter said. "Adult cats and big dogs usually take a little more time." 

With the COVID-19 restrictions, Sporcich shelter said they are being careful. She said they want to keep their staff healthy.

"Just trying to be careful and limit the people coming in," Sporcich said.

If you are looking to adopt a kitten all you have to do is come out and take a look for yourself, but if you want a dog they are asking you to call in advance. You do not need an appointment for a kitten because they cannot take the kittens outside to meet you. Sporcich said that is dangerous.

For dogs, you can look on their website to find the one you are interested in and then let staff know which dog you'd like to see, but don't wait because they only hold animals for three business days.

Sporcich said they want their animals to go to a forever home.

"Just don't think short term," Sporcich said. "If you are home working now, that might not, hopefully be the case next year. So, we just have to be prepared for the time commitment, the  financial commitment to having a pet."

Sporcich said the community can help the animal shelter by continuing to help with adoptions.

"Another great way to help us out is food donations, this time of year because not only do we use food for our shelter animals people that need help at home they'll come to the shelter, and we can give them food assistance as well," Sporcich said.

Right now, they are low and looking for donations of dry cat and kitten food.

You can learn more about their adoptions process and how to donate on their website at