Tri-City man honored by Ronald McDonald House for collecting more than 169K tabs

RICHLAND, WA - A Tri-City man is making a big impact, one soda can tab at a time.

Charlie Hoffarth has been in the community for years. Some of you may know him better as "Hubcap Charlie." He got the name because he used to walk and pick up all the hubcaps.

Then, he switched his collection to aluminum cans to recycle. At first it was to help himself, but about twenty years ago, he heard about the Ronald McDonald's House in Spokane.

"I heard that a lot of people on these machines that cost money and I will help as much as I can," Charlie said.

And he does, by pulling the tabs off the cans he collects from the streets in Richland and the highway.

These tabs are then sent to the Ronald McDonald's House in Spokane. Somebody there then goes through them and sort them one-by-one. Before they get sent to the recycling center for money that then goes back to the house.

"Charlie, we just want to thank you so much for the Ronald McDonald House for all your efforts of going out and collecting these tabs," Bob McLean with the Ronald McDonald House said.

Every day, Charlie walks his routes looking for can to help families. He sent 150 pounds worth of soda can tabs to the house. A quick Google search shows, it takes roughly 1,128 soda can tabs to equal one pound. That means Charlie has collected about 169,200 tabs for charity.

"To do what he is doing on a daily bases, going out and collecting the pop cans and then the tabs, a lot of work behind it but you can tell he enjoys it and its his way to give back," Bob said.

"Don't bother me, it gives me something to do," Charlie said.

If you would like to donate your soda can tabs to the Ronald McDonald House, you can do it locally by stopping by Northwest Rentals in Richland onĀ Wellsian Way.