Tri-City Welcome Basket greets new residents with free local treats

RICHLAND, WA - A new business is welcoming residents to the Tri-Cities with free welcome baskets while helping other local business grow.

Dia Pasricha said when she moved to Eastern Washington, she found it hard to find things like local doctors and childcare. So, she created a new business called Tri-City Welcome Basket.

Dia was inspired by her dad to start a business of her own. Her dad used to make handmade shoes.

"They were beautiful, but it was such a struggle to market them to get the audience that he needed," Dia said. "I feel like in today's world, a lot of business owners feel the same way."

She said there is so many big companies that take business away from local stores.

"And I would like to put these business owners in the center and put the spotlight on them so everybody knows what they do and what services they offer," Dia said.

Dia said their target is to help people who are just moving in. When Dia and her family moved to the Tri-Cities about five years ago, she said they did not know anybody and wanted to spend their money at local businesses not at the big box stores.

"I know of people who are in need of services and products when they first move in. I want to bring my sponsors, my partners to them rather than they look for their reviews on Google or Yelp," Dia said.

Each basket includes marketing supplies from each sponsor including local coffee shops and other companies.

"First of all,  it has local magazines and local events' information, so like Middleton Farms Fall Festival is happening now, so we have that in there," Dia said.

Sponsors pay a monthly cost of $150 to $600. The price is determined by the marketing supplies and how large of an audience the sponsor would like to reach.

If you would like to be a part of Tri-City Welcome Basket, you can reach out to Dia. Her Facebook page is

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