Veterans replace flag at Vietnam War Memorial

KENNEWICK, WA - A group of veterans came together to continue serving their country and honor the fallen.

On September 24th, they replaced a worn out American glad at the Vietnam War Memorial in Kennewick.

Noticing the shape of the old flag, the vets came together to buy and donate two new flags, a US flag and a POW MIA flag.

Former Marine Lt. Kevin Veleke, said although he has not served in active duty in years, his dedication to the country has not changed.

"When we went into the service we swore to defend the United States and the constitution of which the American flag is part of that," he said. "And even though, many all of us, well all of us, haven't service for 50 something years, it is still important to us."

The group has consistently volunteered their time to maintain the roses at the memorial.

The Kennewick Police Department offered their honor guard to help hold a private ceremony. The Vietnam War Memorial is near the Cable Bridge.