WALLA WALLA, WA - In Walla Walla, the community is honoring Veterans on downtown city streets.

Walla Walla is rolling out their annual "Hometown Heroes" program banners to honor local Vets.

Historically, Walla Walla has done a Veterans Day parade, which will be brought back for the first time this year.

Last year, when they were not able to do it, the downtown Walla Walla Foundation launched a new program called "Hometown Heroes."

These banners hang up and down Main Street where local families, with the connection to Walla Walla, can submit their service family members to be celebrated and honored.

Kathryn Witherington, the executive director with the Downtown Walla Walla Foundation said it was a hit last year that they decided to bring it back for year number 2.

"It's a program that relatively easy to put together and has a huge impact and we borrow the idea from other main streets. We encourage other Main Streets to borrow it from us. We are happy to share the details on how we made it work. Because with very little effort, on the part of whoever organizes it, you get just a huge ability to give a gift to the community," she said.

They have close to 50 banners this year and had around 30 last year.