TRI-CITIES, WA - It's the biggest question parents ask themselves this time of year, what am I doing with my kids this summer? For many, the answer is summer camp.

"Sending your kids to summer camp is a really great time to brush up on those really important body safety topics that your kids need to know," Kimberly King, a children's book author and teacher said.

King said the first tip is to talk to your kids about the correct terms for their body parts.

"It is just simple. Tell them that they can refer to the part that the doctor uses and then tell them what that is. And also they can refer to it as their private part that is really important in case they have a problem at camp and they need to tell an adult that something is going on or they feel uncomfortable," King said.

Teaching kids who to tell is also really important. She recommends to develop a safety circle for your kids.

"I suggest sitting down and talking to them and let's come up with a great lesson, who are the best five people that we can call. They might say, grandma, my teacher, the school nurse, sometimes kids say my dog but the dog cannot get you help, so it cannot be your dog or your best friend. It has to be an adult," she said.

Another great tip when your kids go to camping is to let them have a safety word.

"If they are at camp and they are being bullied and they can call you and they can say a word or a sentence. Like the red flag but your kids can pick any word. Like pizza or like mom, I need my medicine. Something simple like that so your child does not have to explain in front of the counselor or director," she said.

She said you can introduce safety with a book or a talk.

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