RICHLAND, WA - If you need an excuse to enjoy your favorite brew, today's the day. It's National Beer Day. It's a day to recognize the world's most widely consumed alcoholic beverage.

The Growler Guys in Richland has one of the most beers on tap in our area. They highlight local craft beers from Sunnyside, Washington to Paso Robles, California.

It's been an entire year since The Growler Guys have been able to welcome customers inside. Until two weeks ago when their doors finally reopened.

"We were just talking about it the other day, it's nice to hear the clicking glasses and the smiling faces and people having a good time," Ace Michel, manager at The Growler Guys said.

They sell craft beer from ciders to lighter beers, offering a showcase of 42 beers on tap. Many coming from locations across the Pacific Northwest.

"It's kind of like a big adult candy store, pretty much," Michel said.

With all the beer they offer, Ace said you cannot forget about the kids.

"We do offer just one option of root beer, just some soda pops. If you need to pick up something for the kids on the way home," Michel said.

He said each craft beer can go well with certain foods.

"If you are going for like some Mexican food or something with a little stronger flavor, you might want to go with a lighter beer," Michel said.

He said on the other hand flavors can clash together. It just depends.

"But I've also had some pizza that you get a certain IPA, and it's really good. Kind of like wine, you kind of got to taste it and compare," he said.

He said their most popular beer is "Nectar of the Gods" out of West Richland. He encourages you to come in and give them a taste, especially if you have never been.

If you want to tap in on National Beer Day, but don't know your options. You can see what beers The Growlers Guys in Richland have to offer. Click here to go to their website.