YAKIMA, WA - The number of Yak Bak online requests surpassed the amount of submissions from last year by about 5 thousand. 

COVID-19 closed Yakima city facilities in mid-March, which made people have to report community issues online rather than in-person. People can submit requests to have graffiti removed, damaged traffic signs fixed, and trash picked-up. 

"The great thing about Yak Bak is that it provides far more eyes than we have, as the city we can't be out looking at every street and looking at finding every potholes, but the community members can," said a City of Yakima Communications and Public Affairs Director, Randy Beehler. 

Yak Bak started in 2013 and pothole repair continues to be the most requested issue said Beehler. 

Beehler delegates which department handles each request within 48 hours of submission.

"We've gotten feedback sometimes from folks who were of course surprised that they put a Yak Bak in one day, about a pothole, and the next day the pothole is fixed," said Beehler. 

Yak Bak requests can be anonymous but Beehler said the more detail someone provides such as a picture or a location will speed up the process of repairs or removal. 

Anyone can view previous requests around town, even in your own neighborhood on the City of Yakima's website