Yak Community Aid

Two college students started Yakima Community Aid to help people in need throughout the pandemic, especially the homeless.

"They are part of our community and community will always help community." said Yakima Community Aid co-founder, Silvia Leija. 

The group grew into 40 people then soon reached more than one thousand people on Instagram and Facebook. 

Every Saturday, the Yakima Community Aid group hands out hygiene products, warm clothes, sandwiches, even hand sanitizer and face masks for anyone who may need them. 

Silvia said people don't have to donate money, they can just donate some of their time toward a good cause. 

"When everything else fails, community is there," said Leija. 

People can request aid of any services, funding, or food online. Once an aid request is submitted, they post on social media and can fulfill requests within a day said Leija. 

Leija said she hopes to go to the next level and help provide homes for people, especially in the winter, with the help of the city.