YAKIMA, WA - Yami Mendez and Chuy Andrade started their fitness journey over a year ago but it wasn't until the pandemic, they decided to take their workouts to social media. 

You can find them and join in Live @WORKNPROGRESS509 every day Monday through Saturday at 10 a.m. 

"If we can go on that screen and give joy to one person, just one, that itself is rewarding for us," said Andrade.

Mendez said their workouts are free and for any fitness level. They said all the feedback they get from the community empowers them and keeps them going every day. 

"We're improving people's health, we're improving people's mental health, we're improving just lives and that is so rewarding," said Yami.

Mendez said she loves to see women reach out and show their progress. She said it's all about changing people's mindsets despite everything going on. 

Not only do they post workouts but also inspirational quotes and speeches. They said they want people to give their all for just 30 minutes a day and not have to think about all the bad in the world.