YAKIMA, WA - West Valley High School welcomed students back to the classroom this week.

"We have so many kids that are talking to us daily about how much different this is and how they can actually succeed in this kind of environment way more than they could've in remote sessions," said West Valley High School principal, Ben McMurry.

Face masks need to be worn at all-times.

Students are physically distanced in classrooms and during lunch period.

School hallways are all one-way, even stairways.

Some students expressed feeling nervous being back in the classroom having to socially interact with classmates said history teacher, Craig Lacy.

Lacy said it's been quite the adjustment for everyone but right now, it's up to teachers to bring back the excitement of learning again.

"My heart is truly full with my kids in front of me," said Lacy.

Mental health was a big part of the push to reopen not only for students but also staff said McMurry.

With the hybrid schedule, an average of 750 students is at the high school at once, while the other half is at home learning remotely. Students are divided by their first name and go to school every other day.

West Valley High School still offers students to learn completely online.

It's important for students that may have health concerns within their family to have that option said McMurry.