YAKIMA, WA - Yakima Valley College (YVC) has a virtual grand opening event today at 4 p.m. to celebrate their new West Campus building. 

This new building provides space for their Allied Health students to practice. The Allied Health program has grown over the years so they needed it now more than ever said YVC Allied Health Technology Instructor, Libby McRae.

"I’m just most looking forward to being able to focus on the students and not the space, I don’t have to spend time building or mimicking a space and  I can really focus on the students and their skills," said McRae.

The new building looks like an exact replica of the inside of a hospital. With the fully functional O.R. and exam rooms, students can gain real-world experience. 

"I’m just excited to see just their reactions when they come in and really get to put all those puzzle pieces together," said McRae.

One health students said he felt happy just to be practicing in-person despite the pandemic. 

"We got lucky our program got special considerations and that we could be on campus, I mean we couldn’t do this just over video chat," said YVC second year Surgical Technology Student, Ronny Hopkins. 

The college purchased this property in 2017. McRae said she felt grateful to be able to give her input in the building design the past few years to make her dream a reality. 

"One of the most exciting things for me is that I get to be home, I’m at home here, I’ve been in the operating room since I was 18 and I get to show the students exactly how it is and watch them grow to love just like I do," said McRae. 

This building has a bigger conference room, more office space and classrooms, and hangout areas for students.

YVC has new exhibit space for their Larson Gallery and a wine-tasting room for their Wine programs coming soon. Click here to watch the opening.