Celebrate National Caregivers Day

 KENNEWICK, WA - Today is National Caregivers' Day. It is a day to honor health care professionals and at-home caregivers who give long term and hospice care.

Len Rosf has been a patient of Visiting Angels since 2015. He said when the caregivers are around, he can be relaxed and more at ease.

"They do give good care, and they see to it, that I am safe, and I really appreciate what they do. The things that they do for me. It gives me confidence to get up and try to be normal," Rosf said.

There is a huge demand for caregivers in our community, because of the fear from the pandemic.

"They are avoiding assistance living facilities more in fear of contracting the virus. We have seen an increase of individuals calling and inquiring for our services and getting signed up for our services," Christine Rose-VanWormer, the director and owner of Visiting Angels said.

Rose-VanWormer said part of the decline in home care aids in the Tri-Cities is because of the closure of the schools like Columbia Basin College and Tri-Tech.

"That was another huge resource for us to be able to recruit quality caregivers," Rose-VanWormer said.

She said getting their staff trained has also been challenging.

"So, what we have right now, our 130 that we have, we treat them like gold. And, make sure that they never want to leave us, because they are absolutely amazing," Rose-VanWormer said.

"Well, they sure are a good team. Everyone that's come here. They know what to do and they treat me with respect, and take good care of me," Rosf said.

Rose-VanWormer said care-giving is a noble career.

"They do so much for the people that we care for. They just go above and beyond to make sure that our clients are taken care of," Rose-VanWormer said.

"They've all been professional to help me. I have a taste and smell deficiency, but they still help me with eating and go through eating. And sometimes, I have a memory lost, can't remember what I was going to say or do, and they help me out that way too," Rosf said.

Daisy Hernandez, a caregiver for Visiting Angels, said she's been Rosf's caregiver for the past eight months. She said she was fun working with him.

"We always have all sorts of activities to do and always having good conversations. I just enjoy working with him and being able to be a part of his life," Hernandez said.

She said she cherishes the moments she has with Rosf and all her other clients.

"You know, we put their lives in help them. We are here for companionship and helping them and working with them," Hernandez said.

For more information about Visiting Angels, you can click here.