TRI-CITIES, WA - After weeks of warnings about high COVID-19 infection rates, vaccination rates still remain lower than where the health district wants it to be.

With each county we follow, the percent of people fully vaccinated is under 55% as of July 9th and 10th. One county is still under 40%.

In Benton County, 48.5% of people are vaccinated as of July 10th.

In Franklin County, 41.9% are vaccinated.

In Kittitas County that rate is 49.3%.

Walla Walla County is 53.2% and Yakima County is 52.7%.

The state vaccination rate sits at 61.9%.

Dr. Amy Person with the Benton Franklin Health District said we are not at the level that we need to be to stop the transmission of COVID19.

"We know that is true because we seeing our case counts going up which is different from many other parts of the state. So, that tells us that we don't have enough people who are protected against COVID19," Dr. Peron said.

In Oregon, the percent of people fully vaccinated in Morrow County as of July 9 is 40.2%.

Umatilla County is 38% vaccinated.

The entire state of Oregon sits at 67 percent. Vaccines are still widely available in our area. Health officials encourage you to ask questions if you are not sure.

If you would like to see the rates yourself, for Washington click here, and Oregon click here.