Swimply: "Airbnb of Swimming Pools"

TRI-CITIES, WA - It's hot in the Tri-Cities, and that may have you daydreaming about the pool. But what if you don't have one? Now, you can rent out some pool time, just like you would an Airbnb.

It's like Airbnb but just for swimming pools. Simply which allows hosts to rent their pools out to guests for a few hours at a time, now has 4 rentals available in the Tri-Cities.

Only 4% of the nation lives in homes that have a backyard private swimming pool. That means 96% of the people do not have a backyard pool and a lot of those people do not have access to one. 

"This is a way for homeowners who maybe aren't using their pool so much or just want to make some extra income to allow that 96% to come in and have a great experience bring their family and friends and then, of course, making that little extra income," Sonny Mayugba the VP of Growth with Swimply said.

Swimply is an online marketplace where homeowners can list their unused backyard pools to rent out by the hour. Here's how Swimply works. There is a host and guest. Let's start with the host side, where homeowners come to the app and list their backyard pool.

"You go take a nice picture. You know four or five pictures of your backyard pool and then you upload them to our platform. Give it a title, a description. And put any amenities you may have, like umbrellas or furniture, backyard barbecues, music, WiFi, all those neat kind of amenities and then you decided or we can help you decide on an hourly rate to allow guests to book your backyard pool," Mayugba said.

For example, we will use $50 an hour which is about the average price of Swimply on the platform. You also decide on how many people you want to allow on each booking. You can allow five people or 100 people if you like, depending on your pool and backyard.

"So once that listing goes live, and you've gone through our background check and bedding process. We set you live and when it is a hot day or someone wants to take their family on an activity or hydrotherapy and do a workout. Guest come to our platform and look around for different listings, just like they would on Airbnb or Hilton.com and when they find a property that they like, they select it, they make a reservation and booking," he said.

Once that happens, they connect the guest and host with a chat feature. Swimply only takes 15% of the pay. The 15% helps Swimply keep the website, apps up, pay the staff, and keep the company going.

"That's how it works of course. It's really magical. Of course, the host loves it, they are making some income and the guest loves it. They are connecting with their local community," she said.

To book a pool or to host your pool, you can go to their website at https://swimply.com/.