RICHLAND, WA - Grab your boots, trail mix, and some water because it's National Take a Hike Day.

There are different types of hikes, like day hikes or backpacking.

When you are first starting out, you will want to pick a trail that's suitable for your fitness level.

Hiking is about more than just distance. You also need to consider the elevation gain and weather.

Some more things you want to keep in mind are permits or logistics for the trail. And depending on the hike you take, you may even want to bring things like sunscreen, first, and supplies and extra food.

Even though it takes time to build endurance, Tricia Jarrett, a local hiker said it's worth it.

"The biggest thing is you are climbing this mountain and there is this gorgeous view at the top. So, like, things that are hard are worth it because the reward is so great," she said.

She encourages you to go out and try it.