KENNEWICK, WA - It's National Walk to School Day! It is an important reminder to pay attention to school zones, today and every day.

More kids in class means busier school zones

About 100 students die each year, walking to and from school, and nearly 25,000 are injured. That is according to the Transportation Research Board.

That is why local police encourage drivers to slow down and use extra caution on the roads as students commute to school.

For National Walk to School Day. It is also a good reminder to encourage healthy habits, heighten awareness of traffic safety, draw attention to environmental concerns around schools, and is a way to build local momentum for safe routes to schools. It is important that you follow the school zone.

"Go the 20 miles an hour. Go the speed limit school zone, when those lights are blinking. We got lots of kiddos who are not paying attention, but you as the drivers are paying attention. So just go that school zone, 20 miles an hour, and let these kids have a wonderful day at school," Brandie Bracy, a ELL para-educator with the Kennewick School District, said.

Bracy makes safety a priority to make sure kids in our community make it to school safely.