PASCO, WA - A new Italian and Mediterranean-inspired restaurant opened its doors on the week of October 18.

Caio Trattoria is in town and they are not a stranger to our area. Locals, Jessie and Susanne Ayala have been in the food industry for years now.

They used to own a restaurant in Prosser and now run a catering business and food truck. Caio Trattoria is a grab-and-go style with some indoor seating.

They sell salads, desserts, sandwiches, and pasta. They also make coffee, craft beverages, and other types of drinks.

The owners said they have a passion for food.

"We communicate who we are as business owners, as members of the community through the foods we serve and through the hospitality," Susanne Ayala, owner of Ciao Trattoria, said.

"It's kind of just a way for them to come in and relax. We do something more of a take-out kind of a thing. But we really want people to also stay and enjoy some of the wines that we want to offer and to be able to eat some of the food here," Jessie Ayala, owner of Ciao Trattoria, said.

The couple invites you to come out and enjoy yourself and have a drink after work or on the weekend. They are also currently working on another restaurant that will open in the new Osprey Pointe Market Place.

I have their full menu here. Ciao Trattoria is located at 112 North 4th Avenue in Pasco. They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.