Local School District Prepares for Snow

PASCO, WA - Schools throughout the area were affected by the first big snow event hit the area earlier this week, with many parents getting texts, calls and emails about the delays and even closures that the weather caused.

Although we tried to reach all three major districts, NBC Right Now was only able to speak with Pasco School District official Shane Edinger today to find out what goes into the decision to place schools on a delay or even a closure. 

"The safety of our students, the safety of our employees is our top priority... so we take that decision to cancel school or delay school very seriously," Edinger said.

Edinger says that when a big weather system hits, crews will head out at 3 a.m. to drive streets and bus routes to check out the road conditions and make sure they are safe for students. 

Street crews then call the superintendent so they can contact other school districts to discuss a plan before finally making the final call. 

"We continue to monitor the conditions, and if the conditions are not improving then by 7 a.m we will make the decision to cancel school for the day," Edinger explained.

Even when the district does plan on putting the schools on a delay, it's still all hands on deck. District crews have to clear off the snowy pathways, plow parking lots and put de-icer down on sidewalks and playgrounds. 

"The last storm we had on Monday earlier this week was a good refresher for us to get back into the swing of things as we get ready for the next winter storm," said Edinger.

For more information on the Pasco School District's process of making a weather delay: https://www.psd1.org/domain/1408

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