TRI-CITIES, WA - It's National Stop Bullying Day and now that kids are back to school, bringing an end to bullying is at the top of their minds for many parents.

It is not easy to tackle bullying, but there are things you can do to help your kids, including starting conversations. That way kids know that parents are approachable and that they have a safe place.

If there is one skill you should teach your kids, on how to cope with school, Nancy Lamusga, a local mental health clinician with the Lutheran Community Service NW said is deep breathing and being aware of what is happening in their bodies.

Being aware if they are really intense, being aware on how they walk and how we present ourselves can make a difference in whether or not there is harassment.

"So, if I walk around like this, and a lot of kids, they are embarrassed by their bodies, they don't want to stand straight up. And yet, that body language can be one of the ways to efficiently prevent bullying," Lamusga said.

Stand with your shoulders out. It is o.k. to stand properly and it also changes depression.

If you walk around like this, depression can get worse as if we are standing up straight. Depression can lesson.

There are more ways a parent can help your kids, including mindfulness activities.