PASCO, WA - A new campaign is encouraging the Latinx community and minorities to get vaccinated.

The campaign, "Me Levanto La Manga" which means "I Lift My Sleeve" shares information on the importance of getting vaccinated to protect not only the patient but the entire community.

The new campaign comes after the Downtown Pasco Development Authority's previous campaign "Ponte La Mascara" which means put on your mask.

"The idea is now, in order to fight covid, you were putting the mask, you know the face mask, but in order to win the fight, you need to pull out your sleeve and get your shot," Gustavo Gomez with DPDA said.

So far, Gustavo said they just want to bring awareness.

"People can actually do this. Pull up their sleeve, "Me Levanto La Manga" y me pongo la vacuna por mi communidad para vencer al Covid-19. Which basically means for the Latinx community, we are all doing our best to lift our sleeve up and get the vaccination and help to get out of this pandemic," he said.

Staff at DPDA are working with vaccinators to make sure they have the right information when it comes to eligibility and increasing vaccine equity.

"You know because they are the ones that are being affected the most economically speaking because the crisis are real and they are here. So in order to get out of the pandemic crisis, and then we have to deal with other two crisis which is the mental crisis and of course the economic one, but the first one we have to get out is the pandemic, so pull up your sleeve, get your shot and help us out," Gustavo said.

They are also collaborating with states in Mexico, including Jalisco, Colima, and Michoacan. Many Latinos in the Tri-Cities have family and friends from those states.

"The idea is that people in Mexico are supporting the people who are in Washington and tell them, 'Hey come on, I did it. You do it.' In the end, we want to travel. We are going to go back and further and we are going to be safe. I want our family to come to here and go visit and we want them to come visit," he said.

Their goal is to reach out to 500,000 people.

To participate, take a picture of yourself pulling up your sleeve to get the COVID-19 vaccine and upload it to their Facebook page "Me Levanto La Manga." Click here to go to their Facebook page.