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YAKIMA, WA - NBC Right Now's Hometown Harvest Food Drive will take place on Friday.

The entire team will be at several Albertson's and Safeway stores in Yakima and the Tri-Cities collecting donations that Northwest Harvest will give to local food banks.

First Fruits Marketing of Washington has been a long time Northwest Harvest donor.

"The Broetje organization has been involved with Northwest Harvest for over 20 years, in fact maybe a little longer than that. This division, this part of the company since 2009," said Chuck Zeutenhorst, manager at First Fruits Marketing of Washington.

Northwest Harvest says that as a company First Fruits does so much for them that they are what you call a "perfect donor," because not only do they donate food, but they also donate money and time and that's probably because, "We're a company that looks at life a little differently," said Zeutenhorst.

Zeutenhorst says, "Our company's purpose is to serve the undeserved worldwide so that's the focus of our company."

He himself says he enjoys working for a company that helps better it's community.

"I've been involved with the company for 20 years. It was a big part of why I went to work for them, as it has been for the majority of the employees here, that's a huge focus of ours. So it's not only a lot of fun, but it certainty is unique to see what we do with the monies and how it impacts our local community," said Zeutenhorst.

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