Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, a likely Democratic presidential candidate, is proposing a public health insurance option for state residents as a step toward universal health coverage.

A second Benton County resident - a woman in her 80s - has died from influenza-related illness. It's the second flu-related death in Benton County since the first of the year, according to the Benton-Franklin Health District.

Since the first day of this year a new federal rule requires all hospitals to post their prices for all procedures and services online.

A Sunnyside farmer has lost more of his livestock. The culprits responsible are two dogs who are still on the loose.

Porch pirates are far to common during the holiday season and in an effort to try and catch some of these thieves several agencies joined forces.

TRI-CITIES, WA- The pit bull has a troubling history in eastern Washington. From restrictions in Kennewick and Pasco to attacks in Yakima after the ban had been recently removed. 

NBC RIGHT NOW- If you're planning a trip up to White Pass Ski Resort this season there's a few new things you want to look out for.

The holidays are here and so are the Christmas candies and treats. The big question is how to stay healthy during the holidays.

If you've ever felt a cold coming on or had nasal and sinus congestion you've probably considered using a neti pot or some sort of saline sinus rinse.